Welcome, friends,

Hopefully many of you know me; Robin (Pete) Townsend, probably from LR, ISO, IMO, RINA etc.

I am using this blog for a brief personal update and an intro to my new company Marprof Ltd.

After 27 wonderful years with Lloyd’s Register I am now forming my own company, Marprof Ltd. The time you have known me at LR has given me a fantastic background on several specific things but also an enviable grounding in general marine, engineering, standards and compliance.

After a brief engineering apprenticeship in the hallowed grounds of Hawthorn and Leslie shipbuilders and time at sea as a deck hand in the Gulf of Suez, I spent at least ten years in a boiler suit, working with superintendents, yard foremen, flag state and port state control, building and fixing ships, offshore structures and machinery. There aren’t many ship types, if any, that I havent hit with a hammer at some time. (Or that have tried to hit me back, but those safety incidents are for another time.)

I then spent over 15 years in using this practical knowledge to manage, inform, educate and assist the surveyors in the field and shipowners / designers / operators, through writing procedures, rules and standards relevant to areas where the industry had problems – enhanced survey of tankers and bulk carriers, thickness measurement software, environmental management, ship recycling, asbestos, safety, supply chain security, anti piracy, product verification, naval Submarines and civil nuclear power.

I am now taking those same skills to do two things

– to further develop the science, knowledge and specifications for them – through IMO, ISO, RINA and other top level bodies, and also

– to help other organisations to develop policy and implement their own requirements in these fields; for reasons of regulatory (or other) compliance, their own economic efficiency and for past and future liability.

I hope you will agree that my knowledge, gained through working with all of you, and through the marvellous experiences we, and the ships / vessels / projects on which we have worked together, provides a wonderful opportunity for me to form and build this company which will focus on assisting shipowners and other stakeholders in delivering compliance, safety, risk management and economic efficiency for, but not limited to, my main fields of; asbestos, hazardous materials, ship recycling, safety, environmental management, regulatory compliance, supply chain, product assurance, risk and liability management, security (incl cyber), Submarines, nuclear power, training and education. (quite a list).

Thank you for your time in reading this, a one off communication for the start of Marprof. Future updates will be on my website; www.marprof.net, my blog (on the website), my linkedin profile and my twitter account; @marprofltd.

I hope this blog has been interesting to you and that we will be able to support each other and to continue our relationships in the future, and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the very best

Robin (Pete)