Expertise & Awards

Marprof Ltd.

Spirit of Columbus

New Construction

Queen Mary 2 – New Construction

Hull construction, fire safety, safety equipment and outfitting in St Nazaire for this iconic and beautiful ship. Pictured here with another surveyor from the site office. It looks superimposed, it isn’t, we are on the dockwall looking back on Forme © R. Townsend

Nuclear Submarine Quality Assurance

Producing supply chain assurance procedures and specifications for all submarines, based on experience and information from the Astute class submarine. All public, publishable information. Image © UK MOD.


Consultancy work providing factual evidence to assist in demonstrating compliance with clients requirements. Image © R. Townsend

Thickness Measurement Software

Development of software template to support the recording of Thickness measurements taken for survey of ships and in particular Enhanced Survey Procedures (ESP) for special survey of older Tankers and Bulk Carriers. The software was at the forefront of all similar programmes for many years – a highly unusual achievement in such a dynamic market. Image © Cygnus Instruments.

Marinising and Implementing ISO14001

A project designed to make Environmental management systems directly related to shipowners. Studies were made of all the major environmental initiatives of the major shipowners. These were then made relevant to all shipowners through a holistic sales, marketing and awareness campaign that allowed shipowners to design their own ISO 14001 systems.

Past experience

Since Marprof Ltd. is a new start up, all listed projects are provided as evidence of employees’ experience in previous employment.

Marprof Ltd. make no claims for any of the projects listed, nor for any work carried out by anybody under other employment.


Memorial Award

Ad Van Dijk Memorial Award for Visionary Excellence

An award unique to ISO TC8 – Ships and Marine Technology. Awarded to Robin Townsend by the Chairman of ISO TC8, Capt. Charles H. Piersall on 4 June 2014 and accompanied by Tim Kent, Technical Director, Lloyd’s register.

Distinguished Service Certificate

Distinguished Service Certificate – BSi

Awarded to Robin Townsend on 1st February 2016 by the British Standards Institute. In appreciation of valuable contributions to the development of British, European and International standards.