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Ship recycling legislation compliance, Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) and asbestos management, fleet-wide planning, and bespoke training services.


Marine consultancy on risks & standards – asbestos, cyber security & safety.

Marprof Environmental

Dedicated, specialist expertise on Ship Recycling & the new European Ship Recycling Regulation.

The recycling of Rainbow Warrior II – no winners here

In mid-November we received the rather astonishing news that the Rainbow Warrior II was to be scrapped in Bangladesh. What could have been a landmark example of how to plan for and then scrap a ship has turned into a torrid mess, where...

Talcum powder, asbestos, and 4.7 billion dollars

Apologies for a second successive blog on asbestos, and it’s going to get a bit techie; but the numbers are big and scary – and they’re very relevant to ships, hazards and recycling. The problem with talc Problem, what problem…? Talcum...

The Asbestos Omertà: If you break the vow but no one listens have you really broken it?

Omertà Noun A Mafia code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to officials. Our industry has a problem. We are uniquely designed to meet our specific challenges, operating in the most hostile environment...