Products & Services

Marprof Ltd.

Marprof Ltd. provide services to help you identify, strategise and manage many of the risks your business faces.  Whether its past asbestos liability or future concerns on cyber security, Marprof keeps its finger on the pulse of new developments to help you plan, manage and implement the aspects that impact your businesses.

Asbestos Expert

Marprof are world leaders in marine asbestos regulation; its management, history and both past and future liability issues. We offer expert witness and research services to clients around the world.

Submarine Standards Management

Marprof provide technical assessment and management of the standards for your Naval Submarines, including both administration and technical content of your standards and specification portfolio.

This is particularly valuable for supply chain management and product verification. Robin’s previous projects include both diesel and nuclear Submarines, and existing and future designs.

Cyber Security

We all know that companies are required to not only manage their cyber risk but also be compliant with new regulations concerning cyber security – but how well does your company understand and manage cyber risks? 

Marprof will explain the latest industry guidance and ISO standards and how these can be implemented within your existing ISM system. 


ISO Standards Compliance

Not sure which ISO standards apply to you or how best to take advantage of them? ISO standards facilitate business, understand how they can help you.


Yacht Assessment

Factual statements about the yacht or other vessel you are selling / buying / maintaining. An evidencial approach in a very contentious and difficult market.


Environmental Assessment

Marprof believes that ISO 14001 is a very powerful tool for identifying a company’s environmental aspects and impacts. Marprof can advise on the whole system, or take individual elements such as Ballast Water management or Greenhouse Gas emissions, and bring your procedures, and implementation bang up to date.


Maritime Security

As project leader for ISO 28007 Anti Piracy, Robin has unparalleled knowledge in the application and implementation of ISO 28007 for private security companies supplying armed guards doe ships at sea to deter acts of piracy. Image; Gun used by Second Officer Charles Lightoller.


General Survey

Marprof employees have surveyed (newbuild and / or in-service) most marine platforms – floating chippies, fish farms, yachts, fishing boats, leisure craft, general cargo ships, superyachts, bulkers, livestock carriers, VLCCS, chemical and LNG tankers, car carriers, large passenger ships, offshore units, Submarines (nuclear and conventional), submersibles, aircraft carriers, etc. Hull, machy (steam, oil, LNG, electric, nuclear), statutory, safety, Marpol, ILLC, safcon, tonnage, IHM; condition, sale and purchase, port state control, etc. Photo; courtesy yachty4000